Frequently asked questions


GENERAL APPTS, WORKSHOPS & FESTIVALS 50% Non-Refundable deposits are required for all of these types of bookings. My booking system will request this when you make a booking. Only if i make the booking myself manually (such as an after hours or a braiding workshop) will i contact you to request card details. The deposit goes towards the total fee and is taken off the amount owing, if cancellation or rescheduling occurs the deposit is non refundable due to the clients I turn away ensuring your appointment is held. NO EXCEPTIONS. BRIDAL PARTY BOOKINGS A $100 non refundable deposit is required to secure your date, it is recommend you book a trial prior to paying this so you know Audra is the right stylist for you. We can hold the wedding date for a maximum of 5 months in advance with no deposit. To "reschedule" an appointment your original must be cancelled, as that spot has been held for you for a period of time, & during that time Braids for Days has turned away business ensuring your spot is held for that date & time. If you want to rebook another appointment a new deposit will be required - deposits DO NOT ROLLOVER to new appointments. So when you make a booking, please make sure you can attend.

4. Music Festival Appointments!!!


Read the below instructions to book for TOUCH BASS & GROOVIN THE MOO / THE DROP

From the 2nd February (from 8am) send me a MESSAGE THRU MY FACEBOOK PAGE (PREFERABLY) OR A TEXT 0401 279 985 with the following details: 1. A PHOTO OF THE STYLE + ANY CHANGES/INSPO YOU WANT TO ADD OR MAKE. All styles for festivals/xmas/busy periods have a $10 high demand surcharge, i will quote you inc this when i respond to your msg. All pricing is as per Audra's pricing structure (whether you book with Audra or Celeste). 2. YOUR NAME, EMAIL & MOBILE (Only 1 booking per person!) 3. A TIME & DATE PREFERENCE (if you have one – BUT… if the spot is already taken of course I will offer the appt closest to your request) 4. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE ON YOU & ON LOUD!!! JUST IN CASE I have a question that needs to be answered before I book you in. Once I have found a spot for you, you will receive a confirmation message with the deposit details, and also an email confirmation. **I will start to respond that day. All messages will be replied to in chronological order – so DO NOT send a message later on after you have already sent through your info, as this means you message will be pushed down the list!!** 💸 MY PRICING & TIME EACH APP TAKES, (if of interest), can be viewed via – add $10 onto the pricing you see to inc the surcharge, Celestes pricing is the same as Audra's pricing for festivals. You are paying for the braids only - things like glitter and hair charms/rings can be purchased on the day of your app and paid for then. 🌈 IF YOU WANT COLOURED EXTENSIONS ADDED IN & WANT A SPECIFIC COLOUR, let me know what colour when you book, as I may need to specially order it in. If you don’t let me know a specific colour, you will be able to choose from my stock available – there will be plentyyyyy. 💁‍♀️ 50% is required to secure your spot, this is NON REFUNDABLE. I will require this immediately. 🗓 HOURS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: SUBJECT TO CHANGE - use this as a guide
AUDRA: 10th April 1pm - 8pm 11th April 6am - 1pm 23rd April 8am - 9pm 24th April 8am - 6pm 25th April 9am - 3pm CELESTE: to be confirmed SIENNA: to be confirmed We are setting this date so IDEALLY most people who want to book are on the same page so everyone gets a chance of booking in – this post gives you have a chance to read, put funds aside to book, consider a time, date & style request. READ THE Q & A's below and if you have a question thats not listed feel free to contact me

FAQ/QUESTIONS– Read them too before you ask questions!!


On the day of taking bookings, anyone who asks any questions that are already answered on this post will be responded to LAST. Brutal… I know


If you change your style or want to cancel prior to the appointment you WILL NOT be refunded, as I have held that time slot for the style you chose & turned other clients down. I AM HOWEVER happy to change it to a style that’ll take less time or the same time – it will just be the same price. All appointment payments are NON REFUNDABLE – ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. I will not transfer it to a friend.

“WILL THERE BE A CANCELLATION LIST?”: If there are any cancellations, the spot will be posted ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE & INSTAGRAM STORY. I feel like the FAIREST way to get a spot is my “first in best dressed” rule.


I charge the extra $10 due to: the limited availability & high demand of appointments, the extra million msgs I send in relation to the event, i manually book everyone in for the most time efficient flow of clients to fit as many as possible in, order all the hair in, I also book time off my other job on to meet appointment demands, surcharge also makes up for the grey hairs high demand dates give me that I will need to get dyed. SOOOOOOO much more goes on behind the scenes managing all my bookings for large events.

Also, do you want to get up at 5am to do hair on what's meant to be your "long weekend or xmas" break?


YES – YOUR BRAIDS WILL HOLD FINE – so please don’t ask me “if my braids will stay ok for the festival” . TRUST ME I wouldn’t book you in if my braids wouldn’t hold. There are certain styles I won’t recommend you get too many days prior, but I will let you know this when you book.

“HOW SHOULD I HAVE MY HAIR ON THE DAY OF MY APPOINTMENT?”: Please have it 2-4 days unwashed, make sure it is DRY & KNOTT FREE. For best results please straighten prior to coming, for any PonyTail Styles STRAIGHTENING PRIOR IS COMPULSORY! You cannot straighten your hair once the braids are in the ponytail.


“HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN YOU FIT IN?”: This all depends on what style everyone selects, but between 20-25 clients across 3 days – this will increase on the days Celeste is available! YAY!

11. I have extensions (tapes/weaves/beads), can you still braid my hair?

There are alot of styles possible, but sometimes it’s not always possible to completely hide the extensions. Most styles where your extensions can be hidden are the Top Braid Styles (1x, 2x, 3x top braids), Updos (up or down) & POSSIBLY 2x boxer braids (if your extensions are in good positioning).

Just keep in mind where you can invision i need to lift/section the hair for the style you want, if your extensions are in the way the hair cannot be sectioned properly, and the style may not be achievable or you may see your extensions. So keep in mind when you book the style you want.

1. How should I have my hair/prepare my hair for the day of my appointment?

Must ALWAYS be Dry & Knot Free (brushed). You may straighten it for best results, but please read below for REQUESTS PER STYLE.
Boxer & Top Braids: Please TRY to have it 2-4 days unwashed and hair MUST be dry. The dirtier the better ;) Braids go in alot nicer & less fluff if your hair has some natural oil in it.

Synthetic Pony Tails: Please TRY to have it 2-4 days unwashed, and hair MUST be dry. Make sure it is STRAIGHTENED, as these are synthetic so you cannot straighten your hair after they’re in.

Updo's & Waves/Curling: Hair is preferred 1-2 days old for Hair Down/Waves, MUST be dry & straightened prior to arrival. If your hair is naturally oily fresh is better, as we don't want your hair to look "dirty", and too oily will make the curls drop If you are getting both tight top/side braids & curls/waves 1-2 days unwashed is fine as i will add product to help with the braids!


CANCELLATION POLICY: If you do not provide at least 24 hours notice for cancelling your appointment, you will be required to pay in full when you make a new booking.
CANCELLATION LIST: No, all cancellations are posted on my facebook page . This is due to the high volume of clients waiting for "just an opening", i unfortunately cannot track how many people are waiting.

10. How long will my braids last & how do i maintain them?

The real question is, "how long will they stay neat?"

All clients & hair are different, things like how you sleep, and day-to-day activities can also effect how long, but i have listed below to the best of my ability how long each style “averagely” lasts.

Ponytail Style Inc Extensions:
This style in particular my clients seem to leave the COMPLETE style for 7-10 Days, then they gradually take it out! You can untie each braid separately depending what ones you want to leave in. The ones on top should last 4 days - 4 weeks.

Top Braids:
Tight: You should get anywhere between 4 days - 4 weeks
Looser & pulled out: You should get anywhere between 2 days - 1 week

Boxer Braids (this can inc extensions)
Tight 2x usually last 2 days - 9 days
Tight 4x - 6x usually last 4 days - 12 days
Looseer & pulled out: You should get anywhere between 1 day - 5 days

How to maintain them? Well, if you originally come with 2-4 day old hair this helps already as the natural oil in your hair stops the hair in the braids from slipping. Do not get the braids wet (this will help the smaller hairs come out and cause the product to run). Sleeping with an after care head wrap (available in Shop my Products) helps as this prevents your braids rubbing on "rough" surfaces in your sleep, and lastly apply a little hair spray when you see any hairs you don't want poking out!

14. Do you do bridal parties and group bookings? / Are you Mobile?

Bridal & Group Bookings:

Please facebook message or email me to request a date for bridal parties or large group bookings.


Set Bridal Pricing is available on my Pricelist menu.
"Other" group bookings you will need to send a photo of the style per person and you will be quoted, if you do not want a style per person and would like to hire me for event entertainment please read the FAQ "Can I hire you to braid at an event?"

Mobile bookings are only available for groups of 3+. The only days i am not available is mon-weds 8.30-4.30pm.

15. Can I hire you to braid at an event? E.g. Kids birthday, hens party, corporate events, grand openings, shopping centres etc

Please facebook message or email me the following details:
Location Further details regarding entertainment hire can be viewed under our Pricelist Menu.

18. Are you a hairdresser?

Guys... hairdressers can't braid :P But No, i am just a self proclaimed braid addict! I have no profressional training.

23. Is your studio child friendly?

If you need to bring your little one absolutely yes! I can handle them ;) But there may be some occasional swear words so apologies in advance :')

6. What are your after hours & high demand appointments/charges, and when do you work them?

AFTER HOURS APPOINTMENTS: All After Hours requested appointments have a $10 after hours surcharge. An after hours appointment is a slot booked at any time during my closed hours/days. They are usually early morning on a weekday (between 5am-7am), late night on a weeknight, or early Saturday or Sunday. Depending on my availability will depend what after hours i can offer you. After hours appointments ARE NOT available Mon-Weds 8.30-4.30pm If i am fully booked within my available hours, you may request an after hours appointment via email or facebook message. HIGH DEMAND APPOINTMENTS: All high demand appointments have a $10 Surcharge. High demand appointments include: Music Festivals & Large Concerts, All public holidays & long weekends, entire month of December + other dates you will be made aware of when you make a booking. When the high demand surcharge is applied, there is not after hours surcharge. The surcharge is due to the limited availability & high demand of appointments, the extra hours of admin time I use doing manual bookings for appointments outside my usual working hours, the personal sacrifices I make to work during these busy periods, and there's alot more that goes behind the scenes <3

5. How far do you take bookings in advance?

Bridal & Group Bookings (minimum 3 persons): Up to 12 months.

Single client bookings: My booking system is always open for bookings 3 months in advance. I do not take bookings further then 3 months in advance unless specified below....

High Demand Date bookings, if there is a date that is in high demand (e.g. music festivals, concerts etc), i will post regular facebook posts to advise WHEN & HOW you can book these dates.

For bookings booked over 6 months in advance, Pricing Structure Subject to Change & you will be notified of the increase/or decrease.

17. Where are you located?

Braids for Days is located in Hilbert, Western Australia. Our address will be provided in the email confirmation you receive when booking.

19. Where do you buy your gems & hair/body glitter from?

Braids for Days also runs a little business called Living The Gleam with her business partner Holly.
Shop the "one-stop-festival-shop" now!
Braids for Days website does stock all the "hair related" products though!

13. What dates are you unavailable / on holidays?

Holidays: 28th Feb 2020 - 30th March 2020 Unavailable: Bookings cannot be made Mon-Weds 8.30-4.30pm

20. Who is the guy & dog in all your hilarious instagram stories?

Dylan is my partner of 7 years, he is the best boyfriend (not fiance i might add) in the world and if he didn't help as much as he does i would not have Braids for Days. Kaizah is our dog, he is almost 5 years old. Sometimes he is inside during your appts (when Dylan gives in, which is almost always). He is the friendliest most loving doggy in the world, so don't be scared & give him a head scratch :)

21. Do you do box plaits?

No, i do not offer full head box plaits (approx 100x plaits). I can however do custom looks with a maximum of 24x braids/plaits.

2. How long will my order take to ship? or be ready for pickup?

Please allow up to 2 business days for your order to be shipped, or receive your ready for pickup email.

Within Auspost states:
1-4 Business Days for Express (depending on your location) 2-6 Business Days for Standard (depending on your location)

Please add the auspost delivery on top of the 2 business days for order processing. International orders: please check your dleivery time at checkout.
Business days are MONDAY - FRIDAY

3. Do i need to "prebuy" the hair before my appointment?

No - when you make a booking the hair is included in the price :) I actually carry MORE colour selection in my Braid Room, so you select on the day at your appointment! Just make sure you have an idea of what colour you're after - as my colour range can be a little overwhelming!

22. What is your refund & return policy on items purchased on your online shop?

Exchanges/Returns: If you wish to return an item simply because you change your mind we will exchange, or refund provided you return it within 5 days from the date of receiving your order, must be in its original condition with labels/tickets attached. Customer must cover shipping costs. Refunds: Full Refund will be issued if product is damaged or not as described. Braids for Days will cover shipping costs in this instance and replace the product or issue a refund. Product must be returned for inspection before refund/exchange is issued.

12. How do i become a stockist / get a trade or wholesale discount?

To receive Trade Discount or Wholesale Discount, please email your Business Name to All Trade & Wholesale Synthetic Hair come branded by Braids for Days. You can resell for the RRP or use for your own business use. Products cannot be rebranded or sold below RRP. You must list Braids for Days as a stockist on your website if you resell the products. Tiers of discount are: Trade Level 1 Discount: 20% Trade Level 2 Discount: 25% Wholesale Discount: 40%

9. How long does my hair have to be to be braided? Is my hair too thick or thin to braid?

There are certain styles that will compliment certain hair lengths better than others. So keep the below in mind when booking.


Men (Top Braids): Minimum of 8cm long, but braids will turn out & last the best when you can lift a piece of hair from the front & it reaches to the back of the top of your head (where the braid will end).

Ladies (Top Braids): same as above

Undercuts (side & back): Minimum of 8cm long, but always send a photo first

Boxer Braids with or without extensions: Below the ear lobe (refer below note though)

Pony Tail Style in Extensions: usually touching your shoulder (this is because the braid at the back needs a bit of length to reach to the pony). Ponytails are great whether you have thick, thin, long, short etc hair! As we distribute out how much hair we need through the braids to get the best pony blend we can.

NOTE: Keep in mind if we are braiding using our synthetic extensions if the extensions are longer then where your hair ends you may have some “bits” poking through the braids/plaits. This mainly is for Boxer Braids where your hair is braided/plaited to the tip.


Thick hair clients that want extensions added, please be aware you hair is more prone to not blend as easily, especially if a blunt cut.

Thin hair clients – you have PERFECT hair for braids! YAY for thin hair! Now the thick hair people can be envious of you ;) Fine/Thin hair blends a lot easier as its easier to hide & be consumed within extensions if we add them in. However, if you want extra thick/wide braids we recommend you book in to have your braids pulled out, these braids will not last as long.

All full head/boxer/top braids will turn out neater & last better if you straighten your hair prior to your appt, this will help smooth out any lumps or uneven parts in your hairline, the braids can also turn out less fuzzy if your hair is quite curly.

Hair is required to be straightened prior for all Pony Tail Styles.

16. I have a voucher, when, where and who can vouchers be used for?

All vouchers are valid for 12 months.
They cannot be used on for group bookings, event hire, high demand date, or bridal parties.
Voucher is valid for 1 person, if the whole amount is not used at the booking you will be provided with a credit.
Vouchers can be used for any staff at Braids for Days.
If the balance of the booking is 50% or less, a deposit in full is required to secure the booking as this is your deposit payment, & the balance of the payment (i.e. the voucher) is used for payment on the day of your booking.

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