Audra Walker's motto has always been "Dreams don't work unless you do." In October 2016, Audra (then 24) launched her business "Braids for Days" to a wild reception. Completing over 6000 client appointments in 5 years, Braids for Days has been a dream come true for this entrepreneur. The self-taught braider and hair stylist has made a huge splash in the hair styling scene in Perth, as well as an inter-state reputation, travelling interstate for clients and education. Audra prides herself on her dedicated work ethic, professionalism, and ability to work with clients of all ages and personalities.

“Dreams don’t work unless you do”

The company prides itself on being home grown and home managed. Audra skilfully manages every facet of her small business, including the staff, bookings, social media, marketing, the website. and of course, maintaining the highest level of customer service.


"I love my job. I love providing the best customer service possible to all my clients; for me, it's all about being open and honest, making sure my clients feel comfortable with me and trust that they will receive the very best service, every time", says Audra. Her vibrant and friendly personality ensures that she easily builds trust and rapport with all of her clients - often feeling like they can chat about anything

5 star reviews

Our growth

Braids for Days has seen exponential growth since 2016,

and Audra is committed to continuing this trend. In

order to keep up with exceptionally high demand, Braids

for Days has since introduced 2 new members, Celeste 

and Sienna. This not only allows Braids for Days to

increase their clientele, but also means spending

more time with clients, online and in person; making everyone feel welcome. Having a second set of hands also means Audra can spend more time working on the business; developing and expanding Braids for Days is an essential part of the business' growth! What will they do next?!


Braids for Days' will continue creating unique looks for clients, as well as continue to host workshops on braiding Australia wide, to encourage beautiful braids all around for anyone who has a passion for braiding. Hosting workshops will assist in further advancing the students braiding skills and also open new avenues in the students careers.

hair stylist

Right: Audra - Lead Stylist & Owner 

Left: Celeste - Stylist 

Celebrating our 3 Year Anniversary Event! With our friends, family & clients!