Please contact us directly to make a booking.
Workshops are held on Thursdays & Fridays between 9am - 5pm, or Mondays - Wednesdays at 5.30pm. We cannot offer workshops on Saturdays & Sundays. 

You may bring a model/friend, or use our high quality mannequin heads. We recommend mannequin heads for easier learning & learning multiple styles / techniques, or even long appointments so you don't have to stress about arranging a friend.


  • All tools are supplied including, combs, hair ties, braiding extensions (for classes with extensions).

  • We can customise workshops to suit your needs. Here are some examples of styles available: Updo’s, French Braids, Lace Braids, Waterfall Braids, Fishtail Braids, Festival Styles you see on our Instagram.

  • When you contact us to book please provide details on any customisation's you wish to make.

  • ALL BELOW WORKSHOPS are for all skill levels - Audra will cater the workshop to suit you & your needs on the day.


TRAVEL FEES APPLY TO ALL MOBILE CLASSES: FEE IS SUBJECT TO LOCATION & you will be quoted when your enquiry is received.



FOCUS: How to Dutch braid using Audra's braiding technique, in this class you will learn how to Dutch braid in the "boxer braid style". We focus on hand technique & improvements.

Running Time: 1.5 Hours

$150 - 1 on 1 (Braids for Days Location Only)

$250 -  2 Persons (Mobile or Braids for Days Location)

3 - 6 Persons Max - Contact Audra for a quote (Mobile Only)



FOCUS: How to Dutch braid & add extensions. If you believe you're a fast learner & want to learn both techniques, this is the class for you. Learn Audra's braiding technique + adding extensions.

Running Time: 2 Hours

$250 - 1 on 1 (Braids for Days Location Only) 

$350 - 2 Persons (Mobile or Braids for Days Location)

3 - 6 Persons Max - Contact Audra for a quote (Mobile Only)


FOCUS: This is the workshop you should consider if you want to learn it all in 1 session!

It's a combination of the Dutch Braids + Adding Extensions workshop, but in this workshop you will also learn our 'trade secrets', plus any additional questions you may have - can be business or braid related!

Workshop includes (but not limited to), dutch braids, adding extensions, creating perfect sections, pancaking braids (with & without extensions), finishing touches to "complete the look", additional braids/or plaits, & "how to's" on certain festival styles e.g. pony's, plus any other questions you may have! 

This is a great workshop for salons/groups that have a variation of skill levels, it is also a great workshop to attend for Audra's over east trips (please note over east trips have a price increase).

Running Time: 3.5-4 Hours

$400 - 1 on 1 (Braids for Days Location Only)

$700 - 2 Persons (Mobile or Braids for Days Location)

3 - 6 Persons Max - Contact Audra for a quote (Mobile Only)